2021 FIC :11C50
Add:Ocean Square, Huiren Street, Dalian 116091
Factory: Yangting Town,Huancui Zone, Weihai, 264200 China

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   Greenutra Resource takes the good faith and win-win as enterprise management foundation and it includes product high quality and behavior honesty. Taking this as the core to bring direction and profit for industry upstream, to help the downstream development and appreciation for contributed to a win-win situation, Greenutra always provide the real product and service to all the people.
Our advantages:
• Abundant herbal resources in Changbai Mountain without pollution
• Extract 800 tons different raw material capacity
• GMP standard production line
• Effective R&D work team
• Modernized, rigorous and innovative management
Application :
• Nutritional supplements
• Health food products
• Beverages
• Pharmaceutical products