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Health Benefits of Panax Ginse...

published time:2014-03-13 Tahoma :HT-home


Panax ginseng extract or simply ginseng is a very popular herb in Asia as well as Europe. This herb grows extensively in the northern parts of China, Korea, Japan as well as Nepal and this is has been used as a traditional herb for curing many ailments such as headaches, stress, blood pressure etc. This article will give you an insight view of the benefits of panax ginseng extract and some other additional information that might help you.
This is an excellent supplement for nutritional needs containing all vital components like vitamin A, D, E, K and B complex. It also consists of abundant quantities of minerals like iron and phosphorous which is needed for foetal development. Ginseng extract can be given to young children to develop immunity as well as aid in proper growth.
Panax ginseng extract helps in proper functioning of the nervous system. This extract is a kind of a stimulant which when consumed instantly revives all the neurons thereby relieving stress and tiredness.
As discussed above, Panax Ginseng extract is an excellent remedy for fatigue. This can be consumed as raw extract or by mixing it with milk or water. The effect of ginseng is instantaneous and very productive.
This is an excellent remedy for headache as it activates the neurons. Since this is a natural herb, people can simply go for Panax Ginseng extract in case of persistent headaches rather than going for drugs that may have side effects.
Regular intake of ginseng extract helps in improving the blood supply to the brain and heart muscles. It also helps the bone marrow (where RBC's are produced) to produce healthier cells.
Researches have concluded that ginseng extract is very good in treating and curing type II diabetes mellitus by eliminating excess of fat present in the adipose tissue and other internal organs. This also improves the secretion of insulin, a necessary hormone to control diabetes.
Another very important benefit one can achieve by the consumption of ginseng is that they can increase their sexual libido. Regular intake will definitely help people with sex related problems and studies have concluded that ginseng stimulates the secretion of the sex hormones and also longevity during an intercourse. This is also a very good herb to eliminate erectile dysfunction.
This is a very good remedy for controlling the onset of cancerous cells. Scientists have accepted that ginseng extracts contain certain compounds (Falcarinol) that completely inhibits cancer forming cells, especially breast cancer and gastric cancer.
Panax ginseng extract is a very good anti-biotic and can be used to cure small injuries. This is a very good anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent.
Panax ginseng is very good in eliminating parasites and worms in the intestines of children thereby assisting their proper growth.
Overall panax ginseng extract is hugely beneficial supplement and comes highly recommended from medical practitioners all over the world.